‘New stadium Club just a good thing for local residents’


Club Brugge has been trying for years to get its plans to build a new stadium off the ground. Blauw-Zwart had hoped that the relocation of the location to the current Olympia site could speed up this. But now these plans are also encountering the necessary resistance.

At the beginning of this week it became known that a number of disaffected local residents have set up a crowdfunding campaign to collect resources with which they want to finance the legal battle against the construction of the new stadium. The association calls itself ‘Liveable Sint-Andries’ and fears various problems that a larger stadium would entail: all kinds of neighborhood nuisance and, above all, a lot more traffic nuisance.

But according to ‘FC Bruges Taskforce’, an association of supporters, the new stadium would just alleviate those problems. Bee Newspaper of West Flanders points out that many steps have been taken to reduce the nuisance. Such as modern construction techniques to tackle noise nuisance and an extensive mobility plan against traffic nuisance.

There would also be a large park with a lot of greenery, which would give the neighborhood a more beautiful appearance. And finally, the number of match days will also be reduced, as Cercle Bruges and all youth teams will move to another location in the long term.

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