Netanyahu in Beit Shemesh: We will advance inspections and transfer powers to mayors


At the same time, Netanyahu criticized “irresponsible politicians who call on the public not to obey the guidelines and not to obey the rules, which lead to anarchy and much more serious illness and death. I say this to all leaders and first of all to the citizens: “In addition to all the different steps we take.”

He stressed two steps he seeks to promote: giving additional powers to mayors, and promoting flash tests. “Today I heard Professor Gamzo say transferring powers to mayors, hoping it will happen within a week so you can make specific decisions about your cities. “In order to allow us to leave,” he said.

“I am convinced that by combining these steps and the information I receive about progress towards vaccination, we will go through the corona, and successfully. Together we will win. There are many problems, questions and there will be many more challenges. I seek to follow the guidelines. Only then will we win the war,” he added.


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