N12 – Israel – Behind you: Europe sinks into Corona’s second wave


The corona virus continues to spread and in many countries returns to strike large numbers of people infected. The United States still leads the world list in the number of people infected and dead from the virus, but many countries in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East are seeing a significant increase in the rate of infection. In Europe, which has begun in the last two months with steps back to normal, the increase is significant in many countries, even those that have managed to significantly reduce infections. France, Spain, Italy, UK and Central European countries – Europe began to face a second wave of Corona.

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In the UK, it has recently returned to imposing new restrictions on citizens, such as a ban on crowds of more than 6 people and the closure of restaurants and pubs. The government fears the significant increase in the number of new infections. Yesterday, 3,105 new cases of Corona were reported, compared to 2,621 the day before, according to official data. In the last two weeks, 35,252 new diagnoses have been diagnosed in the UK.

At the same time, the British government is facing a major crisis in the system of tests and diagnoses for Corona. Due to the congestion, there are significant delays in receiving corona detection tests. Many citizens, including doctors in hospitals, are not tested. The government confirmed that there are problems with the diagnostic system, problems that will take weeks to solve and return the system to normal operation. Neighboring Ireland has also decided to extend the closure of pubs and restaurants due to rising morbidity.


One of the countries with the sharpest increase in the number of people infected is France. In the last day, 7,852 new cases of Corona were discovered in France, compared to 6,158 in the previous day. In the last two weeks France has been showing astronomical numbers of contagion. Over the past 14 days, 106,227 new cases have been diagnosed.

In France restrictions have been removed, and morbidity is rising | Photo: Reuters

More than 479 people have been admitted to intensive care in hospitals in France in the last day alone, according to data from the French Ministry of Health. This is an increase compared to the previous day. 37 people have died from the virus in the last day. Experts in the country linked the significant increase in morbidity in the country to the opening of bars and restaurants – which led to infections.


The Netherlands is also considered a country with a particularly high incidence of morbidity. On Tuesday, the local health ministry announced 1,379 new infections within a day. This is the peak of infection since April. Within a week: Nearly ten thousand residents are diagnosed with blue in Corona. In the last two weeks the number stands at 12,725 new cases. Meaning: Nearly 80% of new infections were detected in the second week of September.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic entered the Israeli red list today: All Israelis who fly to the popular destination, from next week, will be charged with two weeks’ isolation. The decision of the Ministry of Health is based on particularly high numbers recorded in the Czech Republic in the last day. 1,677 new infections have been diagnosed – the highest number since the outbreak. In the last two weeks, 12,604 new cases have been discovered.


Spain, for its part, has begun to change the extent and manner of reporting new cases of Corona infection. Since last Friday, tens of thousands of new patients have been diagnosed across Spain, hundreds have died from the virus. The focus of the disease in Spain is focused on the capital city of Madrid: about 11,000 thousand of the infections have been diagnosed in the city since Friday. The death toll in the city – about a quarter of all corona morbidity in the country.

Spain has recently opened its schools, under restrictions, however, experts in the country link the large increase, among the largest in Europe, to the extent of infection in schools.


In Romania, too, schools have recently opened: 2.8 million students in the country have returned, after six months, to educational institutions under the guise of wearing a mask. In Romania the numbers have remained high since July, with over a thousand infections being detected every day.

The Romanian president initially imposed severe restrictions across the country, but recently the government has begun easing restrictions. In the last day, 4,503 new cases of corona have been discovered across the country. The increase in the number of infected people in Romania is considered to be one of the highest in Europe, along with Spain, France, Malta and Croatia. In the last two weeks, 16,647 new infections have been discovered in Romania.

Other countries with an alarming upward trend: Croatia, Malta, Hungary, Andorra, San Marino, Ukraine and Austria.

According to the World Health Organization, 6 out of 12 of the countries with the highest mortality rates from Corona are actually from Europe. The list includes Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Andorra and San Marino.


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