Memphis in waiting room: ‘If Barcelona does that, our analysts will see’


FC Barcelona must abide by the rules and do not have to perform tricks to get Memphis Depay in by a roundabout way. The NOS spoke about this with Joris Evers, head of communications at La Liga.

Barcelona wants Memphis and Memphis wants to go to Barcelona, ​​but a transfer is not easy. Clubs are not allowed to spend more money than they receive. Because the Spanish government has supported the clubs, half of the income has to be used to repay the government. If Memphis costs Barcelona 30 million euros, then there should be 60 million in revenue. Half goes to the club (Olympique Lyon), the other half to the Spanish government.

“We have a financial control system that goes beyond UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP),” Evers told NOS. “They only look at the financial policy of a club afterwards. We do that at the front. From the start of the season.”

Evers explains how that works. “Clubs log in and immediately see the pot of money they are allowed to spend on players and staff. How high or low that amount is has to do with the company results over the past five years. When a player is recruited, a club must keep all enter details into the system and they automatically see how much is left of the player’s budget. ”

Can’t get around the system? It was suggested that Miralem Pjanic to FC Barcelona and Arthur to Juventus was purely an economic transfer, so that extra financial space would come. “No, no, really not”, says Evers firmly. “If they do that, our analysts will see.”


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