Mayor Schuiling: ‘It’s really going wrong now, keep to the rules!’ (update)


The infections mainly occur among young people and mainly students. That is why Schuiling will talk to all student associations on Friday. ‘Through the student associations I suddenly got hold of a very large group of young people,’ says Schuiling in front of Radio Noord’s microphone.

More and more house parties

‘I can see that things are really going wrong now. Stick to the measures! ‚ÄĚSchuiling urges. The chairman of the Safety Region refers to the 1.5 meter distance and hygiene.

‘You see more and more house parties among students and in the catering industry we see, for example, in the Zuiderdiep that young people are breaking the rules. That is a joint responsibility of the visitors and the catering entrepreneurs’.

No extra measures

Schuiling expects that there will be no additional measures such as those that will apply in Amsterdam in Groningen for the time being. In cities in the west of the country, the catering industry may temporarily close earlier, the NOS reports. The cabinet will hold a press conference on this on Friday evening.

Third half

Schuiling mainly wants to increase enforcement in Groningen, which could mean that you will be fined if you sit too close to someone in the sports canteen.

Because that’s where things go wrong too: ‘At sports clubs, the third half takes much, much longer than the match or training. We want to do something about that too ‘.

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Schuiling also sees that a large group is getting tested for corona far too quickly. ‘Only have a test done if you have a number of corona complaints at the same time, such as increased pain, headaches and a cold’.

A spokesman for Schuiling nuances this at the beginning of the evening: ‘It is not the intention that people should immediately call the GGD if they have a runny nose. Now it seems like people must have every possible complaint out there. That is not the case: even if you only have a cold, you can get tested. The only appeal is: do not request such a test from the first snottebell. ‘

Stay here!

Finally, Schuiling makes an urgent appeal to the people of Groningen not to go abroad during the autumn holidays. ‘We see that many people who come back from vacation have become infected. They only find out afterwards that they are in a place where the code was orange or red. Our province is beautiful and there is plenty to do. Stay here!’.

This article was supplemented at 7.45 pm with the comment of the spokesman for Koen Schuiling.

Around 8.30 pm the article was supplemented with the information that the temporary extra measures like in Amsterdam do not seem to apply in Groningen for the time being.

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