Maccabi Tel Aviv qualified for the Champions League playoffs


Restoring Vladan Ivic’s tremendous accomplishments is something on the verge of impossible, but facts cannot be disputed – Giorgos Donis has in a short time managed to do what the Serbian coach did not do in two years, qualify for the playoffs of the Champions League, meaning even in the event of relegation Against Salzburg, the Yellows will participate in the home stage of the Europa League.

The Greek coach knew from the first moment he landed in Kiryat Shalom that the goal this year is to reach the European home stage. This was the demand of owner Mitch Goldhaar after two years of particularly painful dismissals in the early stages. So in the league Donis allowed himself to make rotations and get over it in his head, but in Europe he met the task successfully, and even if the ability was not in the sky.

As early as next Tuesday, Red Bull Salzburg will arrive at Bloomfield Stadium, for the first meeting out of two in the playoffs, and in order for the Yellows’ Champions League dream to stay alive, it must raise its level drastically.

Make no mistake, Maccabi were two levels better than the Belarusians. In those 45 minutes, the Yellows’ control of the field was absolute, but they did not have the ability, the delivery to the goal, the creative player to do the right thing and open the game, so sometimes stopper Sharan Yeni found himself 30 meters from the opponent’s goal trying to pick up or put in balls. Into the extension of Dynamo Brest. Maccabi’s only situations in the first half were those of Schechter and Golsa, after good personal actions by Maor Kandil, who supported the attack a lot.

At the beginning of the first half, Enrique Seborit missed a wink, but a few minutes later the Yellows won a penalty, which was translated by Dan Bitton, for the Yellows’ winning goal. A goal worth a lot of money – 4 million euros in the event of relegation from the playoffs and participation in the Europa League or 15 million euros if the Yellows manage to do the unbelievable against Salzburg.

Donis’ team reached a lot of valley situations in the second half and could also win 0-3, but once Davidzada missed in a slump in front of an empty net and once Enrique Sborrit, and on recent occasions the Dynamo goalkeeper did the job. Such situations against the Austrians will have to end in another network for Maccabi.

the progress of the game:

1: Davida Massa got the deal underway.

4: Sharan Yeni found Itai Schechter who entered the field, kicked hard but his kick missed the guest’s frame.

16: Dor Peretz tried his luck when he kicked hard from 25 meters but Ignatovich pushed to the corner.

50: Gate!!! Maccabi Tel Aviv rises to 0: 1 !! Peretz failed in the box during a corner, Dan Bitton went to kick the penalty and scored.

61: A good attack by the Yellows ended with a strong kick by Dor Peretz from about 18 meters. The top goalkeeper goalkeeper is excellent.

Schechter presses Kiki, tonight // Photo: Ami Shumen

Schechter in an air battle, tonight in Bloomfield // Photo: Alan Schieber

Burst in front of Sedko, tonight in Bloomfield // Photo: Alan Schieber

Georgios Donis, tonight at Bloomfield // Photo: Alan Schieber

Judge warns Kendall, tonight at Bloomfield // Photo: Alan Schieber

Dialo stresses Tennenbaum, tonight // Photo: Alan Schieber

Schechter hits his crack, tonight // Photo: Ami Shumen

Dan Bitton, tonight // Photo: Ami Shumen

Kandil in a fight with Kiki, tonight // Photo: Ami Shumen

Burst on the floor after failing, tonight // Photo: Ami Shumen

Biton accurate from the white spot, tonight // Photo: Alan Schieber

Schechter strangles Bitton out of love, tonight // Photo: Ami Shumen


Maccabi Tel Aviv: Daniel Tennenbaum, Maor Kandil, Eitan Tibi, Sharan Yeni, Enrik Saborit, Ofir Davidzada, Dan Glazer, Dor Peretz, Eyal Golsa (Avi Rikan), Dan Bitton, Itai Schechter (Nick Blackman).

Dynamo Brest: Sergei Ignatovich, Yevgen Khacharidi, Kiril Pachnin, Gabi Kiki, Roman Jozefchuk, Pavel Sadko, Sergei Kisliak, David Teclo Twa Li, Mikhail Gordichuk, Abdulaya Diallo, Artem Milevsky.


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