Lawsuit Against 5G Licenses | The time


Three organizations and five private individuals have appealed in Brussels against the granting of provisional 5G licenses to five telecom operators.

The appeal was submitted to the Marktenhof of the Brussels Court of Appeal on 11 September. The submitters are three member organizations of the Collective – the non-profit organizations Grappe, Fin du Nucléaire and AREHS – and five private individuals.

The complainants point to the many objections raised in recent years against 5G technology, which they believe has a negative impact on health and the environment.

Specifically, they accuse the telecom watchdog BIPT that the environmental assessment procedure was not respected when the provisional licenses were granted and that insufficient information was provided to the recipients of the public consultation. The collective expects that ‘the independent judge will cancel the decisions of BIPT’.

This summer, five telecom operators received provisional rights of use in the 3600-3800 MHz radio frequency band from the telecom watchdog, with which they can test the technology for super-fast mobile internet.


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