“Law of Impurity for Balfour Protesters” – Israel News, Ynetnews


ההפגנות בבלפור

Demonstrations in BalfourPhoto: Noam Revkin Fenton / Flash90

Medical Adviser Rabbi Binyamin Fischer, founder of Magen LaHula, refuses to accept synagogues and holiday prayers for left-wing demonstrations against Netanyahu.

In an interview with Shabbat Square, Fischer said that “Balfour protesters in the open have a law of impurity. I do not learn from them or from their actions, I do not even want to look at them. ‘

‘Synagogues are a place of holiness, the parenting and birth of the Torah followers, of our public who hear the word of God and observe Shulchan Aruch and Mitzvot and the Ten Commandments, unlike in Balfour. Schools – Holiness and Purity. ‘

Fisher explained that the risk of infection is not similar in a closed place to an open place. ‘I do not want to compare them. It’s an open space and it’s a closed space. This law is not the same as this law.

‘Balfour is open and synagogues are closed. An open space can not be compared to a closed one. The overcrowding in synagogues is greater than elsewhere. ‘

Rabbi Fischer continued to criticize left-wing protesters and accused them of committing a medical crime, as he put it. ‘In Balfour their protesters are a wine. On our wine we do kiddush and havdalah. Should we learn from them? If they commit medical crime, health crime, social rebellion and rebellion to Corona shall we follow them? In the laws of body medicine and body preservation they will learn from us and they will imitate us and we will not learn from them. ‘ And


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