Kristen Bell allows daughters aged seven and five to drink low-alcohol beer | NOW


Kristen Bell allows her daughters aged five and seven to drink low-alcohol beer. The actress told this in the podcast on Tuesday Say Yes! with Carla Hall.

“You may think I’m a terrible parent,” Bell anticipates potential criticism from listeners. “I don’t care. I think I’m a good parent. I learn every day.”

According to the actress, her daughters Lincoln and Delta drink O’Doul’s, in her words, “non-alcoholic” beer in support of their also acting father Dax Shepard, who has stopped drinking alcohol for 16 years due to an alcohol addiction. Beer producer Anheuser-Busch reports that O’Doul’s beer contains “less than 0.5 percent alcohol”.

Bell says that her daughters also order the beer in restaurants. According to the actress, the low-alcohol drink has sentimental value to their daughters, because as babies they reached out to the beer bottle when her husband opened the beer on walks. “This makes them feel more connected to their father.”


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