‘It’s the perfect time to ask critical questions’


The next-gen consoles are getting closer and the prices and release date of at least the Xbox Series X and S have been announced. We are still waiting for the price and release date of the Playstation 5. And let it just be that Sony will broadcast a Playstation 5 Showcase tonight and it is expected that the price and date will finally be announced. One thing we know for sure, and that is that the ‘console wars’ are on. And that is the ideal time to have a nice discussion about the next generation of consoles. To ask a few critical questions. For example, does Xbox put the right tactical moves for the Series X? Does Sony’s long wait cause more or less hype? You will hear it in this Next-Gen discussion!

Xbox strikes

There are many reservations about the strategy of both parties. For example, you have probably noticed that Xbox has been shopping. Last week, for example, the news came out that EA Play comes with Xbox Game Pass for free. And Xbox has also bought a large number of studios. However, with Game Pass they give the games away for free. According to the men, is this the right way to do business?

Which console really feels ‘Next Gen’

Something a lot of people do is compare one console to another. “The Playstation 5 is the better console!” “No the Series X is the best console!” But are both consoles good enough at all to feel ‘Next Gen’? And how is communication around the next gen’s. Does everyone get it about the Series S and X? What’s the difference? Isn’t the PS5 line-up the mediocre ever at launch? And there are still a number of caveats that are used in this discussion. And you know it. Do participate. Because they are not truths? They are caveats.


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