“I did not expect to win, I always feel second place”


Moments after picking up first place at the “School of Music” final event, the outstanding student was interviewed along with teacher Harel Skaat and shared his feelings at the moment of the announcement: “I was excited, Dad took the stage and told me he was proud of me and loved me.”

Last night (Saturday) the final event of the music school took place. At the end of a dramatic evening, Zohar Zakharov picked up first place and won the school outstanding title. In the first interview after winning, the outstanding student shared his feelings. “The truth is, I was excited but did not express it in the right way,” he said of the moment of the announcement. “I’m never ready for that. I always think I’ll be second.”

Lowering expectations is your way of not being disappointed?
“I do not like to watch.”

Zakharov also referred to his father, who congratulated him immediately after the win. “Dad went on stage and told me he was proud of me and loved me. I love hearing that.”

Harel referred to the way he did with the student as well as the choice of Avner Gadsi’s poem “The Men Cry at Night,” which contains a very mature text. As you may recall, Zohar’s performance won many accolades and also awarded him the title of Outstanding Tonight. “When I saw Zohar auditioning at school, I knew I wanted him to be my student and I immediately thought of that song,” Skaat said.

“When I came home to Zohar and told him he was going to sing ‘Men Cry at Night’ he had a look of ‘Why are you doing this to me?’, But it was important to me to give Zohar songs that respect his voice and his personality because he is a very special and very exciting child “In his character, in his voice and in his warmth. It’s something you don’t see in many more children today.”

“When I saw Zohar audition at school I knew I wanted him to be my student” | Photo: From: School of Music 4, Keshet 12

Zohar, how will Dad pamper you now that you excel?
“We agreed on Lacoste’s clothes and shoes that I really want.”

Asked about the difference between judging the “music school” and the “next star”, Skaat replied: “The next star is people who are professionals and I treat them the way I would like to be treated in this profession. There is something about children who are really soft and really in their infancy. “I have no desire and no need to make them feel uncomfortable from a place of teaching them.”

How much does this have to do with Larry, your son?
“One hundred percent. Ari opened something in my heart. When I see people, all the more so children, I treat them the way I would like them to treat my child. I just talk about him and bring tears to my eyes. It’s something that would never happen to me for any reason or situation.” .

Harel, what’s the next step for Zohar?
“We just started.”


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