Hetz Ventures is raising a second fund of $ 77 million


Hetz Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund, announced the closure of its second flagship underwriting fund of $ 77 million. The fund, which was fully mobilized during the Corona crisis, made its first closure in April, and the final closure occurred in July.

With the closure of Fund 2, Hetz Ventures will manage funds totaling more than $ 130 million. The company closed Fund 1 for $ 55 million in February 2018, and by leveraging its network of Israeli entrepreneurs and its international organizations, has since invested in 10 companies engaged in a variety of fields such as cloud computing and cyber.

Hetz Ventures, which was founded in 2018, quickly established its position as the preferred fund for inquiries from Israeli entrepreneurs in the fields of deep-tech in the Seed phase, which deal in the fields of technology for organizations, DevOps, cyber, cloud computing and fintech. While 90% of Fund 2 investors are experienced international investors, the fund has been able to attract investments from founders of its portfolio companies from Fund 1, who have reinvested in Fund 2, alongside local entrepreneurs who have successfully sold several companies in the past.

“We set up Hetz Ventures a little less than three years ago to invest in companies that build deep technologies, have significant barriers to entry, and leverage creative business models to change market perceptions. In the corona-influenced business world, these technologies are paramount. We build partnerships with companies That close real gaps in the market, “said Yehuda Taub, managing partner at Hetz Ventures.

“Our extensive international network is exponentially accelerating the success of our portfolio companies overseas. To date, all the companies in which we have invested have benefited from this growing network, mainly to locate international partners and first customers. We are excited about the opportunities that the new fund will allow us to invest. In addition, the fact that the vast majority of our investors from Fund 1 have again invested in Fund 2 indicates the great confidence in our approach, as well as the desire of many of the entrepreneurs in whom we previously supported to be our investors. ”

Hetz Ventures relies on top-down analysis-based investments, and conducts in-depth market analysis. Also, Hetz Ventures is often the leader in the lime fundraising round in companies. From the first meeting with the founder to investing in the company, it takes the fund about four weeks or less, in which the problem and opportunity in the market are presented, and subsequently, the solution, competition and potential customers are analyzed, through a thorough and transparent process.

Hetz Ventures has already invested in two companies through Fund 2. Fund 1 has invested in 10 companies, including Trigo, an artificial intelligence provider and computer vision-based technology, which enables a smooth shopping experience without going through the box office; Granulate, which optimizes cloud infrastructure and workloads to improve real-time performance; Codota, a startup that develops an autocomplete system for writing code in a variety of programming languages ​​such as Python, C, HTML, Java, Scala, Kotlin and JavaScript; And Anima, which enables automation of Sketch, XD or Figma based design and export to a variety of programming languages ​​such as Sketch and HTML. Hetz Ventures’ portfolio also includes the following companies: Jones, MarketBeyond, DeepChecks, Infinipoint and Acumen.


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