Hamas planned an attack at the Bilu junction


It was allowed to publish that as part of the activities of the General Security Service in cooperation with the Israel Police, an attack on an explosive device placed in Israeli territory in the Hamas Gaza Strip and with the involvement of an Israeli citizen was exposed and thwarted in recent weeks. The investigation of the affair reveals that an Israeli citizen, a resident of Segev Shalom, was recruited by members of the Hamas military wing for the purpose of gathering security intelligence in the Negev, and in the second phase, in recent months he was instructed and trained to carry out an explosive device in Israel.

On August 15, 2020, he was arrested for interrogation by Shin Bet Mahmoud Makdad, a 30-year-old Bedouin-Israeli mother and father of the Gaza Strip (second generation of family reunification). He is married to a woman living in the Gaza Strip . Along with him, 9 other family members and acquaintances were arrested, most of them residents of Segev Shalom, on suspicion of awareness and involvement in the planning of the attack. Among the detainees is Mahmoud’s brother, Ahmad Makdad, about 32 years old, a resident of Segev Shalom.

The infrastructure worked to recruit Mahmoud Makdad as an agent on behalf of Hamas, taking advantage of his ability to move between Israel and the Gaza Strip on a family background (“split family”). This made it easier for Hamas’ military wing to recruit Mahmoud and hold frontal meetings with him in Gaza, while at the same time giving them unique and high-quality access to Israeli territory.

The GSS investigation revealed that Mahmoud agreed to work for Hamas as early as the end of 2019, in which he collected intelligence and made observations on various sites in the State of Israel, including providing information on various locations of the Iron Dome system in Israel. In recent months, Mahmoud was in the Gaza Strip. His last entry into Israel, he underwent training on behalf of Hamas to assemble a bomb and was instructed to carry out a bomb-laying attack.

Since entering Israel in June 2020, Mahmoud has purchased ammunition and began assembling the cargo as instructed in the Gaza Strip. At the same time, he was looking for a location to carry out the attack while in secret-operational contact with his operator in Gaza. The target chosen is a bus stop at the Bilu junction. Mahmoud’s brother, Ahmad, was a secret partner in the connection with Hamas and his brother’s intentions to carry out an attack and did not take measures to prevent the attack. Received from Hamas. Additional family members, assisted in obtaining components intended for assembling the cargo and other weapons.

This is a thwarting of a terrorist attack and a significant investigation that sheds further light on the activity of Hamas’ terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, which was exposed in early 2020 as part of the arrests of other agents with Israeli citizenship (Rajab Dacha, Rami Amudi and Aya Khatib) and continues to recruit Israeli citizens for espionage missions And the implementation of terrorist attacks in Israeli territory.

A senior GSS source: “This is further evidence of the efforts of Hamas’ military wing in the Gaza Strip to establish terrorist infrastructure in Israel, as part of a systematic and extensive activity that works with Judea and Samaria and Israel and demonstrates the strategy that the Hamas leadership continues to lead to destabilize the region. And at the same time as the series’ efforts are taking place all the time. “

Today (7/9) the Southern District Attorney’s Office will file indictments against Mahmoud and Ahmad in the Be’er Sheva District Court alleging serious security offenses. The General Security Service will continue to work with its partners in the defense establishment to thwart any terrorist activity in the Gaza Strip .


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