Goodbye to the Queen: Barbados wants to break away from the British crown


Barbados wants to become a republic and remove Queen Elizabeth from the symbolic role of head of state. “It’s time to leave behind our colonial past,” said Prime Minister Mia Motley, who plans to complete the process by her 55th Independence Day, in November 2021.

“This is the ultimate declaration of support for who we are and what we can achieve,” Motley said in a speech saying Caribbean islanders want a local head of state. The statement is part of the “Throne Speech,” which outlines government policies and plans for the new parliament session.

While read out by the Queen’s Governor – General, it was written by the Prime Minister, who is not the first in the country to call for disengagement from the UK: a 1998 Royal Commission of Inquiry has already recommended that Barbados become a republic.

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