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On September 17, 2000, a young Argentine boy named Leo Messi arrived at the Barcelona offices accompanied by his father to join the children’s group and the rest is history. Six Golden Ball wins, ten Spanish championships, four Champions League wins and countless moments of magic the Flea has accumulated in 20 years. 20 years in which he became a real phenomenon and engraved his name in the book of the days of football in gold letters. To celebrate the occasion, here are the best quotes and superlatives that many athletes have used to describe what was in front of their eyes.

* “I already know who the player who will succeed me in Argentine football is called Leo Messi” (Diego Maradona, 2006).

* “A day will come and I will tell my grandchildren that I coached Leo Messi. He should be told a few things and listen well except for the things he has to say, and that no one should be confused: he should not be replaced either for applause from the crowd” (Pep Guardiola, 2010).

* “Messi is number 1. This is a footballer you see once in 30 years. You have to keep him because the future of Barcelona depends a lot on what happens to him” (Xavi, 2010).

* “Watching Leo Messi gives me pleasure. It’s like experiencing an orgasm, it’s just amazing” (Luis Figo, 2010).

* “Messi will be the player to win the most gold balls. He will probably win five, six or seven balls. He is incomparable, he plays in another league” (Johan Cruyff, 2012).

* “Messi is not real. He is the best in history for me” (Wayne Rooney, 2012).

* “The best player in the world is Leo Messi. The second best player in the world is Leo Messi injured. He was born to play football, he is the first genius in the 21st century. He can not be compared to anything” (Jorge Valdano, 2013).

* “Messi is the best in the world in every offensive aspect and if he is focused, he can also be good defensively. He does in training things that I have not seen done on the PlayStation” (Luis Enrique, 2014).

* “It makes football look like I’m running in front of kids in fifth grade. It’s amazing to watch it play” (Usain Bolt, 2016).

* “The history of football numbers three geniuses: Pele, Maradona and Messi” (Fabio Capello, 2019).


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