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The number of corona patients is increasing rapidly in the Netherlands, in some regions they are already spreading patients to combat the crowds. In recent months this has not been necessary, but the second peak is approaching and the pressure on the hospital wards is increasing.

All well and good those ‘freedom demonstrations’ in recent months, but the reality still remains that we are facing a pandemic and we are not yet ‘safe’ for the time being. The second peak is approaching, and hospitals are already noticing that it is getting busier.

Ernst Kuipers, chairman of the National Network for Acute Care, has this unpleasant news today. Some hospitals are already too busy, so they have to spread their patients. This last happened a few months ago.

There are currently about 700 patients in the ICU, 54 of which are corona patients. The number of patients admitted has risen sharply in recent days. In total there are 245 corona-related patients in the hospital and this figure will only increase in the coming days.

Many experts think that the real second peak in IC uptake will only start when fall arrives, when that moment arrives, you have to wait until the ICs fill up again. Let’s hope we don’t see a repeat of March / April.

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