FIOD also after Barbie? Instagram posts with fake designer clothes removed


Samantha de Jong (Barbie) makes a suspicious jump. The day before yesterday it was announced that her ex Michael is suspected of fraud. He sold fake designer clothes on his Instagram account, which was seized by the FIOD. After this news came into the world, Barbie cleaned up her Instagram like lightning: she deleted all posts in which she also promoted fake designer clothes.

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Bonnie in Clyde

Looks like Samantha and Michael are both lighting things up. Her Instagram was full of posts in which she also promotes fake designer clothes. These messages were quickly removed, shortly after the news that Michael is being chased by the FIOD. In an earlier article, Samantha’s shady practices were exposed. Her followers also realized that she was promoting fake things. All evidence of this has disappeared like snow in the sun.


Barbie is promoting fake articles on Instagram

Deleted posts

The image below shows that Barbie posted a message on Instagram promoting a fake Gucci bag. In the post she writes that the bag ‘cannot be distinguished from the real thing’. The fake bag is sold for a meager 240 euros, while the real version costs more than 1500 euros. The Instagram post in question mysteriously disappeared from her account …

Image: screenshot Instagram @ samantha_de_jong29

More posts

Several messages disappeared from Barbie’s account. It showed beautiful bags and shoes from the most expensive brands: for a price that is too good to be true.

Image: screenshot Instagram @ samantha_de_jong29
Image: screenshot Instagram @ samantha_de_jong29


FIOD is on the heels of ex Barbie: ‘Instagram account seized’


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