“Explain to Banda that Betar hates black players”


Betar Jerusalem against Maccabi Netanya. The club from the capital came this morning (Thursday) with serious allegations regarding the conduct that led to the zombie extremist, Lamek Benda, decided to withdraw from the agreement reached with him and sign at the end with Raymond Atwald’s team.

An official statement from Betar Jerusalem reads: “In recent weeks, we have been negotiating with the actor Lamak Banda, whom we have been following for a long time. After we reached an understanding and agreement with the club and the player, and all the terms were agreed down to the last detail, a signed contract was sent to his team, Arsenal Tula. To our great surprise, we received a message stating that the player had decided to sign with Maccabi Netanya.

An inquiry into the matter revealed to our amazement that a source who intervened during the period in favor of Netanya explained to the player that Betar is a club that hates black players, giving him as an example Ali Muhammad who was received by the storm. “Especially to Netanya, a place where players from Africa are received with love. It is allowed to compete for players, but not all the tools are kosher. In this case, we see a red line and are considering our steps. We wish the player and Netanya success.”

Maccabi Netanya’s response will be provided when received

The owners of Betar Jerusalem, Moshe Hogg, budgeted NIS 44,000 net per month for the next coach, so if today (Thursday) Slobodan Drapic and Shai Barda do not agree to this amount, they will switch to Betar for the option of Marco Belbul, who has already received an official request.

The person who conducted the financial negotiations with the two representatives was the chairman, Eli Ohana. The pair of coaches greatly impressed Ohana and celebrated, but if he did not accept the financial offer. They will not trust Betar Jerusalem.

Drapich and Barda (Photo: Reuven Schwartz)

Drapich and Barda agreed with Maccabi Netanya that they will receive compensation of NIS 80,000. NIS 12,000 in each of the four months for Drapich and another NIS 8,000 for Barda. Therefore, in addition to the salary they will earn in Betar, they will still enjoy the settlement with Maccabi Netanya for the next four months. So they will get closer to what they were supposed to earn this season in Netanya, about NIS 68,000 a month

“This is the two’s last chance to get to a big club, they failed last season in Netanya. In four months they will have nothing left, how come they do not jump on the Betar Jerusalem option?”, The club wondered. The two are the preferred candidates by Betar.

If the two do not sign with Betar Jerusalem, confusion, as stated, may get the job, when he accepts the contract offered to the two, including the possibility of bringing in an assistant coach.


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