Everything is being done to advance to the Champions League


Raz Amir 16/09/2020 21:54
Itai Schechter celebrates with Dan Bitton (Radad Jabara)

Itai Schechter celebrates with Dan Bitton (Radad Jabara)

The Maccabi Tel Aviv players secured a European winter tonight (Wednesday) when they play in one of the two top factories on the continent after beating Dynamo Brest 0: 1 in Bloomfield and advancing to the playoffs of the Champions League, where Red Bull Salzburg awaits them.

Georgius Donis He said at the end: “We are happy, we are satisfied. We knew a big game was waiting for us. We have secured a place in the Europa League and now the big task awaits us – to fight with Salzburg for a place in the Champions League. Dynamo Brest is very dangerous in passing attacks. We put great pressure on them, we played well, we did not give them a chance to do anything. It was a very important lesson for us. “

Donis: Glad for the win, it was not easy

“I believe that if the team continues to work hard we will continue to succeed. I think it’s too early to say how it will affect our season. This is a strange year for everyone, everyone has a hard time investing money, everyone started the preparation late. I tried to learn the actors while on the move. I believe we can add players and continue with this staff towards our goals. ”

Itay shechter He said: “This is a super important victory for the club. We knew it would be a tough game. From the meeting before the game we told ourselves that we will not let this game escape. We know we didn’t play great football, but it was a men’s game and we got the result. “

Georgios Donis (Radad Jabara)Georgios Donis (Radad Jabara)

“We did not start the league well at the moment. There is a new coach and a new professional team that teaches us new things. In Europe it is different. The coach also brought from his experience and helped us move up to the next level. “We are very happy that on New Year’s Eve we can sit and celebrate with the promise of a Europa League, but we will do everything to get to the Champions League.”

Itai Schechter celebrates with Dan Bitton (Radad Jabara)Itai Schechter celebrates with Dan Bitton (Radad Jabara)

“We talked to the players that in the next game we will get to hear the anthem of the Champions League, it is a moment that not many players get. We arrived after a period with a lot of changes, and there’s a bunch of men here. It’s not easy to go through three games like that. “A super difficult hurdle awaits us against a top-class team, but we look each team in the eye.”

The one who hurried to greet the Israeli champion was the chairman of the leagues, Erez Kalfon: “I would like to congratulate Maccabi Tel Aviv on qualifying for the playoffs. The immigration brought great respect to the team’s fans and Israeli football, on the eve of the new year. And now another small effort for a warm European winter. Good luck in the rest of the games.”

Erez Kalfon (Itzik Belnitsky)Erez Kalfon (Itzik Belnitsky)


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