Enough for him? Mark Gasol is considering returning to Europe


In recent years we have witnessed an influx of NBA players, who are a little less welcome in the best league in the world, back to Europe. Nikola Mirotic and Alex Abrins have made their way to Barcelona, ​​Milos Theodosic has opted for Italy and now, there may be another glittering name on the way to the Euroleague: according to a report in Catalonia, Mark Gasol, the Toronto Raptors star, is considering returning to Europe.

According to the report, published by journalist Xavier Saiso on the Catalan Radio Sir, the reasons for Gasol’s thoughts are family reasons. Gasol, in fact, will become a free agent this summer after two successful years in Canada. He will most likely have offers from the best league in the world, but if he decides to return to Europe – the one who is the favorite to take him on, of course, is Barcelona, ​​where he began his professional career.

Also last summer, as I recall, the name Gasol made headlines in the context of returning to Europe – only then it was the older brother, Pau Gasol. The Lakers ex, who has recovered from injury, has not received significant offers in the best league in the world and wanted to continue playing even at the age of 39 to try and reach a final campaign with the Spanish team. It is possible that the national consideration is also a consideration in the considerations of his younger brother, Mark.

If he does return, Mark Gasol will sum up a glorious 12-season career in the NBA. During those seasons, most of which he spent with the Memphis Grizzlies, Gasol was selected twice for the All-Star Game, once for the defensive player of the season, once for the top five and once for the second five – but the highlight of his career is of course the championship with the Raptors last year.

And from what goes, to the one that comes: Pecondo Campasso, who is on the Madrid side of the Spanish spectrum, continues to spark interest in the best league in the world – and according to reports in Argentina, the New York Knicks also joined the race after him. Remember, before the Knicks, it was Minnesota that was interested in the services of one of the quality coordinators that Europe has to offer today, if not the most talented of them.


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