Diependaele demands ‘more than 3 billion’ from the European recovery fund


Flemish minister Matthias Diependaele demands that the Belgian billions from the European recovery fund be distributed among the federal states. ‘It is the logic of things that Flanders will receive more than 3 billion.’

In the European Parliament, committee chairman Ursula Von der Leyen made it clear again on Wednesday how she wants to initiate the economic recovery after the corona crisis. Among other things, with a recovery fund of 750 billion euros, of which about 300 billion in the form of grants.

5.15 billion has been reserved for Belgium. It goes without saying that these resources are largely used for investments in the climate, because the European Commission has just tightened up its objectives in this area.

These European resources are already taken into account in the ongoing negotiations for a federal Vivaldi government. But Flemish Budget Minister Matthias Diependaele (N-VA) points out that those billions do not belong at the federal level.

It is the federal states and local levels that make the bulk of government investment.

Matthias Diependaele

Flemish Minister of Budget (N-VA)

‘It is the logic of our state structure that that money is divided between the federal states. It is the federal states and local levels that make the bulk of the productivity-enhancing government investment. If we divide the 5.15 billion euros correctly between the federal states, we should be able to count on more than 3 billion euros for Flanders. I am convinced that we can offer what Europe requires, namely investments that increase prosperity and economic strength. And I think that Wallonia can also use that money very useful, because the region still has old industries. ‘

Diependaele’s demarche is an N-VA initiative. There was no consultation with the Flemish coalition partners CD&V and Open VLD, who are also working on a federal Vivaldi government. Since N-VA was thrown out of the federal formation, tensions have increased.


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