Day after historic agreement: White House workers infected Corona – world news


חתימת הסכם השלום

Signing of the peace agreementPhoto: White House

A White House spokeswoman admits a number of workers have been found positive for Corona in the past day.

The possibility that these were employees who were involved in the signing ceremony of the agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain is being examined.

According to US media reports, not only workers were infected with the virus but also a number of journalists who apparently covered the ceremony.

Asked about the identity of the workers, the spokeswoman said: “Does not respond to personal medical details.”

The Ministry of Health this evening (Wednesday) ordered all members of the delegation who returned from Washington to go into solitary confinement until an epidemiological investigation is conducted for them.

“In preparation for the delegation’s trip to sign the peace agreement in Washington, a strict outline was built, based on reserved capsules, to protect the delegation’s participants, in accordance with the outline of the travel of athletes and professionals flying for a short-term professional purpose.”

“Those returning from the flight will go into solitary confinement. In the coming days, an epidemiological investigation will be conducted for passengers. If there were cases of deviations from the approved outline, they will be required to complete the required isolation period of 14 days,” the ministry said.


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