Britney Spears refuses to return


Battle for custody over Britney Spears Reaching new heights. The pop star who for more than a decade has been run by her father in both professional and personal life after her well-publicized nervous breakdown in 2008, has asked the court to abolish her father’s guardianship altogether.

In recent months, the court has ruled that Jamie Spears Will continue to run the life of his home and now the affair seems to be reaching new heights as official documents leaked from the court and revealed that Spears Sr. was trying to reappoint the Andrew Walt To the property manager of the singer.

Jamie Spears (Photo: AFP gettyimages)

Walt, who served as Spears’ chief financial officer from 2008-2019 and according to the new documents, she strongly opposes reappointing him. She claims he is completely unnecessary and spends more money than he keeps and during the entire period he was in office he received a salary of millions of dollars, in addition to a departure bonus of about 100,000 dollars. Spears claims her father completely ignores her financial situation and is willing to make difficult choices for herself in order to preserve her assets and all the wealth she has amassed during her glorious career.

But most of all, the most interesting and surprising detail revealed in the leaked documents, is the singer’s unwillingness to return to perform. Whoever was once the greatest pop singer in the world, refuses to return to performing on stages or renewing her music in the current situation, although it is not known whether this is a long-term decision.

All the new information joins reports in recent months that fans around the world fear that Spears is being held against her will and have even launched a fight on social media for her release under the hashtag #FREEBRITNEY and this affair seems far from over.


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