Apple comes with tablets and smart watches


                                        Apple has released its new range of Apple Watches and iPads into the world.  There is also a cheaper model of the new smart watches.  With the tablets, the design of the renewed iPad Air stands out.                                         </strong>

                                                                                      <p>The Apple Watch is in its sixth incarnation and will be updated by Apple this year, including a blood oxygen meter.  In appearance, not much has changed for the rest, although health and fitness clearly remain a focal point for the company.

This blood oxygen meter measures the amount of oxygen in your blood by shining infrared light on your veins. The amount of light that is reflected is an indicator of the oxygen content. Under the hood is a new soc (the S6) that is about twenty percent faster than the previous S5, says Apple. The screen (which is now always on) has also been made brighter, without this being harmful to the battery. The device will cost 429 euros. Anyone who wants e-SIM functionality will have to pay an extra one hundred euros.

Because at least 429 euros for a smart watch is quite a barrier for many buyers, Apple has now also developed a cheaper version: the Watch SE. It lacks a few things compared to its big brother (no electrocardiogram function, no always-on screen, no WiFi on 5Ghz), but it is also a lot cheaper: 299 euros. For those who are still too much, the older Watch 3 will remain in the range for the time being for 219 euros.

It is remarkable that Apple no longer puts USB chargers in the box of the Watch (still a charging cable). The company claims to do this out of concern for the environment and to reduce the mountain of waste.


As far as iPads are concerned, the new iPad Air is the eye-catcher, with an appearance reminiscent of the expensive iPad Pros. Physically, the device is exactly the same size as its predecessor, but the screen has become larger, because the screen edges have almost disappeared. The screen of the Air is now just under 11 inches. The fingerprint scanner is now also built into the on / off button.

FaceID (face recognition), like the iPad Pro, the Air still lacks. Furthermore, the new Air no longer has a Lightning port, which has been replaced by USB-C. Also striking are the five new colors in which the device is for sale: silver, gray, rose gold, green and blue.

The heart of the new Air is the new A14-soc from Apple, which is baked at five nanometers and has six cores and four GPU cores. The slice of silicon contains nearly twelve billion transistors, the width between them is “expressed in number of atoms,” Apple proudly reported. The ‘neural engine’, which Apple uses for AI applications, has also become a bit more powerful. The new soc will probably also appear in the new iPhone series next month.

In addition to the Air, Apple also presented a new version of its base model iPad, the eighth generation meanwhile. The main novelty is that it gets an upgrade to the A12-soc, which should make it a lot faster and more powerful. For the rest, almost everything remains the same, including the Lightning connector.

The iPad 2020 will receive a basic price of 389 euros for the model with 32 gigabytes of memory. With 4G connectivity, 489 euros is lost. The Air starts at 669 euros for 64 gigabytes of storage memory. With 4G, that is 809 euros.

                                                                                                                                 <p>Finally, Apple also worked on its range of services.  For example, there will be bundles with various services (Apple Music, Arcade, iCloud) at lower prices than if you purchase them separately.  Not all of these bundles will be marketed in the Benelux because a service such as Apple News (magazines and newspapers) is not available here.  For the time being, the Benelux must also lack the new Apple Fitness + service.  It delivers new workouts, exercises and instructional videos every week to get fitter, possibly larded with music from Apple Music.  The app can be installed on an iPhone or iPad or Apple TV and works in combination with the Watch.</p>                                                                         <!-- // end foreach -->



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