André Hazes has fantastic news about him and Monique Westenberg: “It’s going to happen”




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            <p class="intro">Things are going better than ever between André Hazes and his great love Monique Westenberg.  The turbulent period is completely over, that much is clear.  The singer says they are ready for the next step.</p>                              

            André is sure that Monique would say 'yes' if he had to propose.  “In the beginning, when we had just got back together, I did not think it appropriate to bring up a proposal,” he tells the Dutch weekly magazine Privé.  “After all, I had turned her life upside down by leaving home.  But now I am ready.  It will also happen, but I keep it a secret when.  It is clear to me that this woman is the right one for me. "

The singer says that he already ‘partly’ has the ring. “I’m actually saying too much. No one knows that I’ve been about to ask Moon before. I had already come a long way and had already bought a beautiful, special stone from a friend, which should be put in the ring ”, he says. “Just before I dared, our relationship got into trouble.”

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