An app that offers recipes from ingredients that are in the house


The start-up MEAL PREP, an app that offers recipes according to the ingredients found in the house only, is the winner of the “Entrepreneur of the Year 2020” competition of the Unistream Association, named after the late Ted and Hedi Orzen, which was held today (Wednesday).

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Unistream was founded in 2001 by entrepreneur and businessman Roni Tzarom, with the aim of reducing socio-economic disparities, through the education and training of youth and young people from the social and geographical periphery of Israel to the world of entrepreneurship. The association works in partnership with the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles and the Innovation Authority. The youth are voluntarily accompanied by over 4,500 business people who are a role model for them.

Winners of Unistream 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year competition: MEAL PREP startup developers from Or Yehuda

As part of the competition held in the last three weeks on the Internet, more than 100 start-ups of the 3,500 youth participating in the Unistream program were presented, from 85 localities in the periphery and from a variety of sectors. The jury, which includes hundreds of senior businessmen from Israel and around the world, ministers, Knesset members, government representatives, diplomats and ambassadors, examined the projects in more than 50 online judging events in which the association’s members experienced live business presentations. This year, for the first time, the public in Israel participated in the vote and helped select the winning entrepreneurs.

The developers of the NIS 3,000 start-up are 17-year-olds from Or Yehuda who are in the third year of the Unistream program for entrepreneurship and innovation. The app offers the user healthy recipes according to the ingredients in his possession in the refrigerator, among other things in order to help people who are in their home in insulation. Yonatan Mualem, a member of the group, said: “We decided to find a solution to the problem as well as to prevent eating too much junk food, overeating and throwing away unnecessary food. Among other things, the app knows how to” personalize “the user, and in the future We are already in advanced stages of development and we already have a working demo that we will continue to develop thanks to the win. ”

President Reuven Rivlin, who is expected to host the winners in his office, said during the broadcast: “The marvelous work is moving Israeli society forward, especially in recent times. Initiative and technology are so important to us to overcome crises and enable an unconventional routine. Your entrepreneurship, which touches all areas of life, brings a fresh line of innovation that will allow us to live a better, healthier, greener and smarter life. Congratulations on 19 years of activity with youth from all walks of Israeli society. Continued wonderful entrepreneurship. I have no doubt they will serve you in the future. You have to raise a chicken as far away as you want. Happy, healthy and sweet New Year. ”

Amir Peretz, Minister of Economy and Industry, said during an interview at the studio: “The association gives a huge push to young people, in places we did not think. It gives them self-confidence to make the most. It stood out in the watch project that reminds people when to take medicine. A real lighthouse, they will be better citizens. ”

In second place for the third year of the Unistream program, a group of teenagers from Julis, responsible for developing a startup called Leto, won NIS 2,000 – a website adapted for smartphones that allows students around the country to communicate with each other and ask for help solving and understanding exercises or learning unintelligible materials. The site provides help with general issues, matriculation learning and specific questions for students who have difficulty during exam periods and in general.

Roni Tzarom Yu"R. and founder of Unistream, CEO"To the Unistream Association, Assaf Weiss Roni Tzarom Chairman and Founder of Unistream, CEO of the Unistream Association Assaf Weiss Photo: Courtesy of Unistream

In third place for the third year of the Unistream program, a group of teenagers from Netanya responsible for the development of a start-up called AirBare – a system that monitors the quality of air in closed spaces – won NIS 1,500. The system displays data on the concentration of problematic gases and hazardous substances, such as carbon dioxide, dust and more, in enclosed spaces. Maayan Shalom, one of the teens who developed the product, says: “The product was born when we realized that many teens find it difficult to concentrate on tests in a crowded classroom due to carbon dioxide overload. We investigated which problematic gases are in the air, and developed a prototype containing sensors that give an accurate picture of pollution. The air in a closed space. ”

In the second year category of the association’s activity, first place went to a group of teenagers from Julis with a venture called Bajo Flask, a bottle made from organic materials that degrades in seawater. This group also won the audience favorite title with the most votes; In second place is a group of youth from the association’s center in Netivot with the ALCOWL project; And in third place is a group of youth from the association’s center in Amal Safed with the HearMeNow project.

In the category of the first year of the association’s activities, groups from: Julis with the project ex-Places + MedHelp won; Lanes with the easYwake venture; Jerusalem-Boyer with the WE-R + Care Chip project; Afula with the SAKI + SFD project; Or Yehuda with the VEC project; Netanya with the ELESHELF + muStrap project; Safed with the B-Cleaner + AirVest project; And right Orad with the FUSI + KeepIt project.

In the Start Up Now program, the winning project is Sleep safe from Amirim School – Kfar Vradim. The product is a pillowcase for a pillow made of smart fabric with sensors for measuring vital indicators during sleep. In second place THE CIRCLE from Eshkol and in third place HighGreen from Holtz.

In the one-year program in the Bedouin sector, the winning venture is You could do good from Tel Sheva Dekalim. The venture is an app that promotes volunteering to a new level, encourages people to ask for and give help for free, and mediates between citizens and local government. In second place ASA encompasses Segev Shalom and in third place Unstoppable Wheelchair from the multidisciplinary Amal Ehad School of Excellence – Hura.

In the one-year program in East Jerusalem, the winning venture is smart eye advance to a comprehensive boys page. The product is a thermal camera that will be placed inside the vehicle at a mirror angle and contains a sensor that detects the child’s presence inside the vehicle and in case of forgetfulness the product is linked with a mobile app, where parents enter the required information like one or more phone numbers for emergencies. In second place S gloves from Bat Safara and in third place with me from Abdullah.

In the NFTE program, the winning venture is Helper from Tzurim School – Hod Hasharon. The product is an app that accesses unique content that includes videos, photos and written instructions for people with special needs and those who have difficulty performing a sequence of daily tasks and tasks. In second place is G-CART from Amir Ofakim and third place is SMART-B from Energitech Hadera.

Roni Sarum, founder of the association: “The last six months have been intense, given the fact that we changed the concept and went online. As an entrepreneurial body we can not stop in Corona. It explains the entrepreneurial concept. You have an obstacle – find a way and get around it. Million, the entrance to the site was 40,000 and over 4,000 votes. ”

Assaf Weiss, CEO of the association: “This year we had the opportunity to bring the Unistream Entrepreneur of the Year competition to the national arena and allow all the people of Israel to participate in the celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation coming out of the youth in Israel.”


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