Amit Segal to Netanyahu: This is madness; It’s time to recover


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(Photo: Hadas Farush / Flash 90)

News commentator 12, Amit Segal, criticizes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to impose a closure on the State of Israel, saying that this is a “comprehensive withdrawal without any consideration.”

In a short column published in the N12 news, ahead of Netanyahu’s return from the United States – where he signed a normalization agreement with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain – Segal wrote: “But yesterday the prime minister was proud in Washington that the era of concessions for nothing was over. There is no one right from him. And here, tonight the Prime Minister lands in Israel to make a comprehensive withdrawal without any consideration: withdrawal from trade, business, education; A waiver of six billion shekels – and all this for nothing and nothing. “

Towards signing an agreement with the United Arab Emirates (Photo: Roi Avraham, Sound: Nir Sharaf / GPO)

Segal criticized the decision and wrote: “Israel has made stupid moves in the past, in the economy, in politics and in security. But in each of them there was at least a logical logic; there was hope for change.”

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According to Segal: “It has never been this way: Israel is marching to a second closure when the heads of state admit that it will not change anything. The Second Lebanon War also had useless maneuvers as there is now in the Corona war. But the chief of staff and the prime minister never stood up Soldiers and civilians will just die. That is what is happening now. “

Segal goes on to write that “in every survey, the following statistic stands out: Israelis are ready for difficult steps, provided they are convinced that they make sense. But when the Minister of Health and the Projector explain that it will not reduce the disease, they will not march like sheep.”

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At the end of his speech, Segal also offers a solution: “Instead of continuing the terrible shuffle, in this unrestricted closure, there are solutions: you can tighten the closure, stop the quorums and demonstrations. You can also give up the closure and close only the education system. You can try to be Sweden. Everything. “Better than the current madness. Prime Minister, welcome back. It’s time to recover.”

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