After the peace ceremony: Corona patients in the White House


a a A Some junior White House staffers were diagnosed with coronary heart disease today (Wednesday), local media reported. Report no hourly verification from the White House itself.

The report comes a day after the signing at a gala ceremony held at the site, where a peace agreement was signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

According to reports, it is not known at this stage whether the workers who fell ill were present at the ceremony or if any of them came into contact with workers who were at the scene. It should be noted that the workers at the place undergo daily corona tests.

Reporters covering the president’s activities said today that several people in the White House have been infected with the virus, but Chief of Staff Mark Meadows declined to give further details. “I never address issues related to health in the White House.”

Meanwhile, the Israeli Ministry of Health said today that in preparation for the delegation’s trip to sign the peace agreement in Washington, a strict outline was built, based on reserved capsules, to protect the delegation’s participants, in accordance with the outline of athletes and professionals flying for short-term professional purposes.

Those returning from the flight will go into isolation. An epidemiological investigation into passengers will be conducted in the coming days. If there have been cases of deviations from the approved outline, they will be required to complete the required isolation period to 14 days.


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