AA Gent not out of the worry: “Dramatic”


AA Gent has already had a very eventful week. After the defeat in and against Eupen in the weekend, new coach Lazslö Bölöni was put back on the cobbles on Monday. On Tuesday, a very satisfying victory was booked in the CL preliminary round against Rapid Vienna.

Relief in the Ghelamco, as the Buffalos beat the Austrians 2-1. But AA Gent was not very convincing. They saw that too The last news, who attached a clear conclusion to it: “Excellent result, abysmal football”, it sounded strong.

There was absolutely no question of any redemption now that the not very beloved Bölöni has already left: “You would think that the Buffalos would play football liberally with all their favors. Not so. The opening phase (and much of what was to come after) was dramatic. The Buffalos played with difficulty, desperately, and without much confidence. Sad ”, the newspaper was not tender.

POLL: Will it be a flop season for AA Gent?


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