3.5 years in prison for a minor who was involved in a terrorist attack in the Duma – Security News


בית משפחת דוואבשה בכפר דומא

The house of the Dwabsha family in the village of DumaPhoto: Miriam Elster, Flash 90

The Central District Court in Lod sentenced at noon (Wednesday) a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence to 22-year-old A. who admitted to involvement in a terrorist attack in the Duma in 2015, in which the couple Saad and Riham Dwabsha and their toddler son Ali were murdered.

The court deducted from his sentence the 32 months he spent in custody. He will return to prison for ten months.

His lawyers, Adi Keidar and Zion Amir, intend to appeal to the Supreme Court. Advocate Keidar said, “In the sentence, the judges completely reject the state’s claims regarding the sentence as well. Unfortunately, however, the sentence is entirely influenced by confidential GSS information, a decision that will not stand.

“The judges wanted to impose a penalty of service work and only because of confidential information that could not be defended against him, they decided that the minor did not deserve punitive relief.”

Kedar added, “This is a precedent-setting decision that does not allow for sentencing arguments to deal with confidential information, and only indicates that the General Security Service is involved in investigative, judicial, sentencing and sentencing proceedings, and this cannot and should not be overturned.”

It will be recalled that the young man was convicted in a plea bargain of conspiracy to commit a crime and a number of other price tag offenses, after the court ruled that he was answering GSS interrogations and disqualified the confessions he gave during interrogations. .

Last Monday, district judges sentenced Amiram Ben-Oliel, who was convicted of murdering three members of the Dwabsha family in the village of Duma, to three life sentences.

The sentence was handed down after the court recently decided to reject the request filed by defense attorneys Ben Oliel to set aside his conviction following new evidence in the case. His family and associates are now preparing to appeal the conviction to the Supreme Court.


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