Zvi Hauser: “We will not help Netanyahu form a narrow government”


MK Zvi Hauser (Derech Eretz) spoke this morning (Sunday) with Golan Yokfaz and Anat Davidov on 103FM, and denied the possibility that his party would help Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismantle the unity government and form a narrow government.

How are you?
“On a personal level good, on a national level less.”

By no means will you and your friend Handel help the prime minister form a narrow government, am I correct?
“You are precise and I will expand, this question seems to me that you also referred it to me in March on the eve of the formation of the unity government. I say this, Derech Eretz, there is a responsibility, perhaps even a historical responsibility for the formation of the unity government. Remind you, in March. The State of Israel these days, known as economic crisis and health crisis, already in March had the option of either forming a minority government of 45 MKs with the support of the common from outside, what delusional ideas, or forming a unity government, we said no and no. A unity government is the only format. ”

You are a sign of political failure.
“I signed the unity, these days only unity.”

Are you satisfied with what you see? Is there unity?
“I can not tell you that I am satisfied with what I see, but it is a much better alternative than any other alternative, I fully support this sentence even now. We are expected in about three months to deal with the coronavirus, also the flu virus, also the economy of the collapse of farms. “House, and of the economy, and someone who thinks that an election virus or a narrow government virus can be added to it, does not understand what he is talking about.”

Is there talk of an alternative government? Started negotiations? Contacted you?
“Look, there is talk all the time, especially in the media. At the level of negotiations, because the system.”

What do you mean mainly in the media? Yesterday, one of the people closest to Netanyahu, Miri Regev, talked about it, let’s hear the things she said yesterday in “Meet the Press.” It addresses the possibility of forming an alternative government.
“No, I’ll tell you, many talk to me and everyone hears the answer and the analysis as I have given you here. People who think it’s time to dismantle the unity government are people who in slang – ‘fell on their heads’. Need to understand.”

Handel is a full partner in this position?
“I speak on behalf of Derech Eretz, listen carefully, we are dealing in three months with a script that science fiction describes as having a message that a meteor is going to crash on Earth and now the question is what are we doing. In the area of ​​influence, the government plan to vaccinate five million people, we lack two million vaccines Of the flu ”

In the transitional government, Netanyahu competed well for the virus, and then the crooked wedding arose. He can alone.
“I think the event is ahead of us as well as health, especially the economic one, as the only way to deal with the challenges facing the Israeli system is in unity. Not by agitation, not by crushing, it is against historical logic and I will do everything I can to prevent people from climbing trees. Or they will go up on the roofs. ”

What is your contribution to this government, where are you?
“First of all at the operational level, Minister Handel is a communications minister who leads a revolution that corresponds with reality and says ‘Gentlemen, communications infrastructure today is more important than any other infrastructure’, any other infrastructure regarding the future of the economy, labor market, we are far behind and need to survive. “In the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee beyond looking 360 degrees at the challenges around and also this will add to the question of whether to go to the polls or a narrow government, two things I have been doing mainly in recent weeks.”

I heard your analysis about the economic, health and social impacts a new election could have, but you did not address Netanyahu and his survival.
“I analyze things about what is historically right to do in the State of Israel, or what is the way of the State of Israel at this time.”

Netanyahu is leading the election to save, do you agree with these claims?
“I did not come to give grades to anyone, I will say what I did and what I expect from both Netanyahu and Bnei Gantz.”

You sat in a party that regretted not sitting with the prime minister charged with crimes, is that not a factor now?
“The main factor now is to focus on one thing, to do everything to prevent the Israeli ship from crashing on the rocks. Last week I tabled a bill that would first give the Knesset and the coalition more time to stand. The Knesset, if it does not reach an agreement on the budget on August 25, is “Disperses. This date, it needs to be moved. I also expect the Likud and all the coalition factions to recover, first of all to postpone this thing, to focus on what is necessary.”

What is your situation in the polls? Of Derech Eretz?
Derech Eretz is a new party, we are formally in basic proceedings, we are currently focused on one thing. Gentlemen, this event is not an ordinary business move, it is a crisis that Israel has never dealt with. We need to put aside the unimportant things, we are all responsible for the future Of our children. ”

In an overcoming clause – how will you vote?
“First of all, an overruling clause is another important thing that needs to be delayed. As a rule, I am in favor of an overruling clause as part of a comprehensive arrangement in the Basic Law, which should regulate all the relations of a judiciary with a legislature, but this is not the ruling.

How do you vote? This is a simple question.
“I told my friend Mickey Zohar a very simple thing in March, that other members came and wanted to pass a personal and retroactive law against the Prime Minister, I told him no and I told him it would be disqualified in court. I said to Mickey Zohar, ‘When you talk about an overcoming clause of 61, there are 61 in the current Knesset who can legislate a retroactive personal law that will be disqualified in court, so the story of an overcoming clause cannot be played with casually. We need to understand its meanings and explain an explanation that will be true over time. ”

Voting against?
“Anything that will shake the stability of the government we will be against, we are in favor of a unity government and we are in favor of one thing – to focus on saving households and avoiding a crisis in the winter.”


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