Zoom introduces filters, new exposure settings and other options


Zoom Video Communications introduces a series of new features that will help the company enliven the virtual work culture. These include stickers, filters, responses, improved exposure options, and noise reduction.


New include a range of filters, such as a virtual unicorn horn, eye patch or fancy glasses. With color filters it is possible to organize meetings in black and white, or to give meetings a bright pink glow.

Various settings have been added to help users present themselves at their best. For example, users have control over image intensity and contrast, updated exposure options, brightness settings and automatic retouching filters.

Counteract distraction

New noise canceling options ensure that meetings are no longer disturbed by barking dogs, a spinning fan or children playing in the background. At the lowest setting, background music enriches the atmosphere, while at the highest setting, no background noise can penetrate any more, so that you keep full focus on your presentation.

Users can now share their opinion in real time, without interrupting the speaker. For this, new comments such as celebrate, laugh and love have been added to the comment button.

Interactive presentations

PowerPoint slides can now be used as a virtual background. This will allow your video to overlap with the slides, allowing you to present as a weatherman (or woman). You can move your video placement to any part of the screen, so that you have the right layout for every type of presentation.

The new features are available in Zoom 5.2. It is also possible to disable the new features on account, group and user level in the Zoom web portal.


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