Zidane just before Manchester City: “Hazard feels good, full of confidence” | Champions League


Eden Hazard could not claim a leading role in the Real Madrid title rush, but he may be able to dissolve his devils in the Champions League. According to Real coach Zinedine Zidane, Hazard is released from all pains.

Eden Hazard was, partly due to minor injuries, little in the piece in the last matches of Real Madrid on the way to the title. “It is true that he had some ailments at the end of the competition”, says his trainer Zinedine Zidane. “But now he feels much better.”

“If you have to play a match every 2 or 3 days, it is difficult to recover from your injuries. But now we have had a lot of time to prepare for the match (against Manchester City).”

“Eden will therefore be able to play without inhibitions. He feels good, full of confidence.”

Does that also mean that he will start against City tomorrow? Of course, Zidane does not let his cards be looked into. “We’ll see tomorrow. That’s between me and the players.”

“Bale would rather not play”

Gareth Bale will definitely not be there in Manchester tomorrow. The Welshman is not part of the selection of Real Madrid, at its own request.

“Much has been said and written about it,” Zidane commented sparingly. “We have a respectful relationship with each other. I can only say that he would rather not play. The rest is between him and the club.”


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