You will soon be able to donate blood at these two unique locations in Belgium


Photo Belga

Have you always dreamed of being on the stage of the best concert hall in Belgium? This is your chance: the Red Cross-Flanders welcomes blood donors in the Ancienne Belgique and ‘t Kuipke. In addition to donating blood, you can also take an exclusive look behind the scenes.

in the summer months, the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders traditionally sees a drop in the number of blood donors. This year, the shortage is very acute, to the extent that the stock is endangered. Since the corona curve in our country has risen again, donors have become more reluctant and are staying away. The precarious situation requires the Red Cross-Flanders to take special actions to attract more donors, such as extra blood collections at unique locations.

In July, the donors of Belgian Red Cross-Flanders were able to donate blood in the King Baudouin Stadium and get a closer look at the field and the changing rooms of the Red Devils. On Thursday, August 13, Ancienne Belgique opens its doors for a blood collection in the main hall. “Our donors are given the opportunity to stand on the legendary stage of the AB for once. We are very happy to put them in the spotlight, because their donation is absolutely necessary to keep the blood supply up to standard during the summer, ”said Nena Testelmans, spokesman for Belgian Red Cross-Flanders.

Cycling enthusiasts can visit ‘t Kuipke on Friday 21 August, where the blood collection will take place in the midfield of the iconic track. Making an appointment in advance is mandatory for both dates and can be done via the Red Cross site.


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