You don’t get a corona from a shopping cart –


For a long time, we approached shopping carts and door handles with great caution, because: corona. But the studies that showed the virus can survive for days on slippery surfaces have little to do with reality, a professor now says. You will not get sick from an elevator button.

Professor of Microbiology Emanuel Goldman of Rutgers University, listed all available evidence and submitted on Saturday The Lancet Infectious Diseases the studies highlighting the dangers of an infected door handle have been conducted with massive concentrations of the virus, often millions to tens of millions of virus particles. In reality, we don’t cough or sneeze out more than hundreds to thousands of particles.

Real situation
Goldman points to a study into the sars virus. “The authors tried to mimic the real situation with a patient contaminating a surface. But no intact virus was detected on the surface. ”

Epidemiologist Patricia Bruijning (UMC Utrecht) agrees with the professor. “Goldman hits the nail on the head here,” she says in the Volkskrant. “The studies on which we base our knowledge have been done in settings where they leave a huge blob of virus somewhere.”

In addition, the virus must first survive on a shopping cart, for example, and then end up in the nose or eyes via the hands of the next person. “It won’t never happen. And it might be different if you work in a covid ward in a hospital, ”she says. “But I can’t imagine in the supermarket that this transfer route really plays a role.”

The WHO also acknowledges in a technical report that there is not yet a case where someone has been infected in this way. Still, the World Health Organization insists it’s possible. To be sure.

Bron(nen): De Volkskrant


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