Yona Abrushmi: A storm following the broadcast of the interview in Ulpan Shishi


A storm in the political system and social networks following the interview broadcast last night on News 12 with Yona Abrushmi, who murdered Emil Grinzwig during the “Peace Now” demonstration on February 10, 1983 in Jerusalem. As mentioned, against the background of the stormy demonstrations in recent weeks in Balfour, journalist Yigal Mosko returned to the main figures in the demonstration in which Grinzwig was murdered and as part of the article he interviewed the murderer Yona Abrushmi. “When you love a man you are willing to die for him. I loved Begin then as today they admire Netanyahu, and I love Netanyahu more than Begin. I do not go to Balfour today. There are young guys, they will go there, and they know what to do,” he said. Abrushmi.

The killer who was released after 27 years in prison also said, “I hate them even today, and they hate me too. They are bad people, oppressors of Israel.” In his interrogation after the murder, Abrushmi said that the demonstrators are “like bacteria that need to be destroyed” and so he thinks today: “Bacteria are bacteria, they are bacteria today. There is no debate about it, they spread diseases, they should be kept out of society.”

In response to the interview, the Crimean Minister movement filed a complaint with the Kfar Saba police against Yona Abrushmi for serious incitement to murder and demanded that he be arrested immediately.
The movement this morning sent an urgent appeal to the acting commissioner, Moti Cohen, ahead of tonight’s demonstration – “If Abrushmi is not arrested and there is violence tonight, the blood of the demonstrators will be on the hands of the police.”

The letter sent to the Commissioner’s Deputy (Photo: None)

The Crimean Minister movement said after the complaint was filed: “The abominable murderer Abrushmi has shed the blood of civilians who are legitimately and non-violently protesting against the government. We demand that the police stop him urgently and send a clear message of deterrence and zero tolerance to young people he encouraged. “Netanyahu’s seriousness came out of his throat. In a reformed country, the prime minister would have immediately condemned the killer, but in Israel in 2020 incitement will begin in Balfour. They strongly condemned the ‘Studio Six’ system – “they gave a stage to allow blood. There are things that should not be broadcast.”

MK Tamar Zandberg (Meretz) tweeted following the interview with Abrushmi: “A frightening article in Ulpan Shishi traces the path of incitement and violence with chilling precision. Netanyahu accuses the protesters of spreading disease and defecation, followed immediately by Yona Abrushmi (who murdered Emil Grinzwig in a hate crime that has not changed to this day) calling them “bacteria” and explaining that he no longer does, but the young people “know what to do.” Wake up. “

MK Yurai Lahav Herzno (Yesh Atid-Telem) responded by saying: Incitement leads to violence and murder, and it is sad that Netanyahu continues to fuel, divide and incite. Tonight I will also be with the demonstrators on the bridges all over Israel and Balfour. The demonstrators are the beautiful people of Israel, who are fighting for their country. “

Former MK Musi Raz (Meretz) also wrote: “Yona Abrushmi simply said the young people know what to do scary.”

Alec Permov, one of the Black Flags protesters, tweeted: “Jonah Abrushmi, Emil Grinzwig’s killer of the Balfour demonstrators: they are bacteria that need to be destroyed. A call to murder. Not implied. Not about and not near. .

Leftist Yariv Oppenheimer tweeted: “Imagine an Israeli Arab terrorist, a murderer whose sentence is being cut, being interviewed on television and saying the things that Abrushmi said. There will be no MK or minister of the sex who will not shout. Twitter was on fire. But when it’s a Jew who murdered a leftist. Hess. Silence. “He added:” Abrushmi is a Jew and therefore was released from prison after 27 years, because murderers are released in Israel – if they are Jews. His remarks in Ulpan Shishi necessitate his re-arrest and prosecution. “

Vladimir Blyak, a candidate on the Yesh Atid list for the Knesset, wrote: “The killer, Yona Abrushmi, who loves Netanyahu and is willing to die for him.

The black flag protest responded to the interview: “This time the corrupt instigator from Balfour will not be helped by a thousand murderers like Abrushmi. The more he incites and calls for the murder of us the more we will come to Balfour stronger, more united. Because a prime minister who declares war on his people can not stay one day “Take the streets, come to the bridges and intersections, to Caesarea and Balfour.”

Public relations man Rani Rahav expressed shock at the interview with Abrushmi: “The killer Yona Abrushmi is free ?? It is impossible to describe the impudence that this man does not express remorse, villain. Emil Grinzwig was murdered in cold blood. Bad man! How he was released after 27 years and lives great … And Emil? In the grave! Shocking. “

Advocate Gilad Sher warned: “Abrushmi sent a lot of Abrushim a persecuting law to eliminate traitorous leftists. It’s closer than ever. ”

Sports journalist Moshe Primo tweeted: “I would have considered very well whether to broadcast this article. At the end of the article with Yona Abrushmi I told my family members. God. He gives legitimacy to another lunatic.”

Orit Galili-Zucker, a former adviser to Netanyahu, wrote: “Yona Abrushmi, the assassin of Emil Grinzwig, is today the number one fan of Benjamin Netanyahu. He incites the following killers in front of the camera in demonstrations against Balfour.

But there were also those who wondered about the timing of the article. The program surfer sees an article: “I wonder about the timing of the article. Why now? What is the motive? To present the right as violent and psychopathic ?. Why instead of lowering flames do an article about a murder that took place in ’83? Why Yona Abrushmi, because he is the most extreme of all, “Does he not apologize? This is how they establish a consciousness that the right is violent and that there is no symmetry between the violence of the left and violence on the right.”


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