Yehezkeli: “We are before the second wave of Nasrallah – he will respond”


Arab commentator Zvi Yehezkeli refers to tensions in the north of the country and says that “in our response to Incident A, we ordered Incident B, and that was a mistake, Nasrallah understood that Israel does not want a confrontation.”

Zvi Yehezkeli from News 13 spoke to Nissim Mash’al on 103fm radio about the tensions in the north, and explained why Israel erred in its response to Hezbollah’s attempt to infiltrate Israeli territory a few days ago.

Arab commentator Zvi Yehezkeli referred to the growing tension on the northern border, explaining: “Estimate here that if the Feast of Sacrifice is celebrated by a billion Muslims, Nasrallah will have another consideration, and he has no other consideration. Hezbollah into the fence, entered 50 meters into Israeli territory, did not eliminate them, apparently shot them over the head, and they fled. Nasrallah said ‘there was nothing, because if there was something you would kill, and if you did not kill there was probably nothing, so I have a right to respond. “Keep you on alert.” This is the situation we are in at the moment. ”

He added: “It was a mistake in my opinion for Israel not to shoot this squad, it should either have been eliminated or taken captive, that it is a completely different matter – it is a change in the rules of the game. Israel remained in Nasrallah’s rules of the game. We will not go to escalation, we will return the people to him and he will be satisfied with that. ‘But he was not satisfied with that. Therefore we are facing a second wave, not of Koruna, of Nasrallah. If I were Nasrallah I would be on alert, and respond to the second response, “This will send another squad or some kind of solution to the border because we are ordering it. In fact, our response in Incident A was that we ordered Incident B.”

Israel threatens to retaliate by harming Lebanese infrastructure but Yehezkeli explained: “This means that Israel is telling Nasrallah ‘the price is going to be high, serious, not only for Hezbollah but also for Lebanon’s infrastructure’. , And it’s true. It’s a true threat but it’s problematic because there is Nasrallah here and he usually makes considerations that are against the Lebanese interest, he makes considerations of Iran, and if Iran pushes him enough to go for a second response, creative, bold, maybe changing rules of the game, God forbid kidnapping and something like that, so we will find ourselves in the operation again. ”

The main mistake in the opinion of the commentator on Arab affairs is the warning, “It is true that Nasrallah is in a problematic situation, but the very fact that we are talking for the second week about the alert he leaves us, for vacations and trips in the north, just like last year – Nasrallah succeeded. “You shot the squad on Sunday and closed the incident – you get incident B with a big disappearance, what will happen? We do not know. God forbid something more creative can happen, unfortunately.”

He added at the end: “Nasrallah understood that Israel does not want a confrontation, it does not fire at its people, it will take advantage of it. It will leave us on alert and because you did not respond in incident A, in the end you get the alert now. That was the Israeli mistake.”

Edited by Ofri Glichman, 103FM


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