Yasmine from EOTB shares violent images after being abused


The incident took place last Sunday, after a small after party at her home. Yasmine writes that when the party was over everyone left without sulking, except for one person. ‘I’ve thought a long time about posting this, but since I always have my reality let’s see I want to warn you about such devilish people, ‘she shares from the hospital. “A man who beats up a woman like that is not a man and will never become a man.”

Yasmine says that at least her nose is broken, for which she will soon have to go under the knife again. She also writes that ‘further steps are being taken’.

Although the EOTBstar previously hid the identity of the man in question, she has now ‘exposed’ him on her Instagram. ‘You know what? I have changed my mind, ”she says.


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