Yair Netanyahu: “Showing Dad Aliens from the Demonstrations, It’s Funny”


Prime Minister Yair Netanyahu’s son was interviewed this morning (Monday) on the program “Fathi and Zimri Ba’am” on Gali Israel station, and in an interview he said, among other things, that the demonstrators against his father are “aliens” and that the demonstrations “entertain” the prime minister. The recording of the program was removed from the SoundCloud website where the program uploads its recordings, and the tweet of some of his remarks was deleted from Gali Israel’s Twitter. Following the storm, the program was returned to the network.

Netanyahu said on the broadcast: “It’s funny to him, he sees the sights we all see about these aliens in demonstrations, and it’s funny to him, it’s like such entertainment. I sometimes show him a few selected excerpts. Things are not too rude from the demonstrations because it’s unpleasant but you I know it entertains him, it gives him some strength even. ”

Edna Maor, CEO of Gali Israel Station, Why did you download the recording of Fathi and Zimri’s program from the morning, in which we interviewed Yair Netanyahu, and why did you download a transcript of some of Yair’s remarks from Gali Israel’s Twitter?
“Since sometimes tweets have a tendency to take things out of the context in which they were said, I asked to wait until I hear the full interview. We are happy that Gali Israel Radio continues to arouse interest.”

But why did the entire recording of the show go off the net and be returned only after the storm that broke out?
“My reaction is clear. It’s my decision. After I listened I acted to continue with the routine.”

Following the storm that arose because of the interview, Yair Netanyahu wrote on Twitter in response: Spaghetti on the head or those disguised as Spider-Man. There are too many of these and it’s funny. Everything else is not funny at all – the incitement and explicit calls for murder, which intensify in the demonstrations of the anarchist left from day to day, and break new records with constant media encouragement. I still hope that the media will condemn this incitement. ”

Yesterday, the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court ordered Yair Netanyahu to remove from his Twitter account a tweet in which he published the personal details of the leaders of the “Crimean Minister” movement, which is at the center of a wave of protests in Balfour. Netanyahu is also required to refrain from harassing them for six months. “I hold that an order for the prevention of threatening harassment is granted prohibiting the respondent from publishing anything that may bother the plaintiffs threatening harassment including their personal details, even if they can be obtained with reasonable effort,” Judge Dorit Feinstein ruled.

At the beginning of the broadcast, Noam Fathi was heard mocking the court’s decision from yesterday. “The court rules in the case of Yair Netanyahu and states that what he did on the networks is threatening harassment (the presenter laughs when he says ‘threatening harassment’) who published the names and addresses of the protesters against him.” The disrespect for the court continued in Yair’s answer to the submitters’ question as to why he did not come to court. “There is no need to cooperate with this tyranny,” he said.


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