Yair Netanyahu and the heads of the “Prime Minister” in a court hearing


The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court will hold a hearing this morning (Sunday) regarding the death of an order to prevent threatening harassment filed by the leaders of the “Crimean Minister” movement, which is at the center of a wave of protests in Balfour, against Yair Netanyahu, the prime minister’s son. However, Judge Dorit Feinstein dismissed Netanyahu from attending the hearing and ruled that he must be available by telephone during it.

Last Friday, Netanyahu received a summons to court after posting on Twitter the personal details of protest leaders against his father, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling for a demonstration near their homes. The details, released last Thursday, contained the names, phone numbers and residential addresses of the heads of the board of directors of the New Contract Association, which is leading the protest movement.

“I invite everyone to come and demonstrate, day and night (the High Court says it is allowed) under the homes of these people, who have been organizing for us in the country all the anarchy in recent weeks,” he wrote.

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Yair Netanyahu published the details of the protest leaders against his father, and was summoned to court

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