Yair Lapid on demonstrations against Netanyahu: “There is hysteria in Balfour”


Opposition Speaker, Member of Knesset Yair Lapid, Referring this morning (Sunday) to the protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he said in an interview here Monday that “there is complete hysteria in Balfour.” He claimed that “these are demonstrations that are authentically growing from the ground up. I do not want people to feel that we are taking over for them. We are in this thing, but trying to act wisely and without taking over.”

He said, “There is complete hysteria in Balfour. If you look at their reactions these demonstrations probably work. A truth has arisen here – Israelis are not willing to give up their country. They are not willing to give up the idea of ​​having a small and cost-effective government to work for them. I think there is definitely panic. “.

There are still over a million voters who voted for Netanyahu.
“I want to mention that we won the election. The late Blue and White won the election. He failed to form a government three times. If they had not entered the government this time too, he would not have been able to form a government. It is an insult to the right to say that it does not care about democracy and corruption, which is why we see quite a few right-wingers in demonstrations. Israelis say something and this government should listen. It is impossible to deceive everyone. On the day a government of 36 ministers was formed, they said they were cut off from Israeli society. That is what the Israelis are coming to say. ”

Black Flags Protest in Balfour (Photo: Black Flags Spokeswoman)

So he might dismantle the government, and try to attach Hauser and Handel to it.
“Look what you say. Maybe after one political exercise he will do another. Who is bothering them to form a government of 18 ministers? They have already destroyed the will of blue and white voters. We are in the greatest socio-economic crisis in the country’s history. In the end, all “What interests them is politics, offices and cars. People cried yesterday in Charles Clore Park. They look up and see a detached government.”

Ganz said he sometimes does not have the strength to get up for school.
“It’s not burning you stay at home, do not get up for school, they only do damage anyway. In the end, if not burning you to do, lead and change … All the big breakdown of a decade Netanyahu is now coming out. For the last three years he has only been busy with his affairs. “He went to the finance committee to receive another million shekels from the citizens’ money at the height of the crisis. Anyone who is not burning with working for the State of Israel will vacate his seat.”


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