Xiaomi stops with Android One smartphones, Mi A4 deleted


It seems that Xiaomi will no longer release Android One smartphones. This means that there is probably no successor for the Mi A3.

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Xiaomi Mi A series deleted: this is why

Website Smartdroid.de (via GSMArena) writes that Xiaomi will stop releasing Android One phones, so the Mi A series is likely to cease to exist. Although the exact reason for this is not entirely clear, it seems that Xiaomi had a lot of problems updating the Mi A smartphones in a timely manner.

Security updates were released relatively late, and major Android upgrades also took a long time. The Mi A3, the most recent Android One phone from Xiaomi, for example, only got an update to Android 10 in March, while Google made the final version of Android 10 available in September 2019. Xiaomi may want to fully focus on smartphones with the MIUI skin, the company’s own software.

In addition, the updates from Xiaomi brought a lot of problems. For example, due to the Android 10 update for the Mi A3, the fingerprint scanner of the device no longer worked, and the battery life decreased considerably. With the older Mi A2, problems also occurred when updating to Android 10.

Mi A3

The Xiaomi Mi A3 was announced in July last year and is no longer available in the Netherlands. The smartphone stood out for its compact design, the large 4030 mAh battery and the AMOLED screen. A disadvantage of that display was the low resolution of 1560 by 720 pixels, which made images look rather grainy.

As you can read in our Xiaomi Mi A3 review, the performance of the smartphone is good and the cameras take remarkably good photos. Because Android One devices generally receive two version updates, the Mi A3 will most likely be updated to the new Android 11.

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