Xiaomi introduces television you can watch through | NOW


Xiaomi has announced a transparent television. The Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition has a screen that you can see through when it is switched off. When the television is on, images appear to float.

The television has a 55-inch screen. When not switched on, it looks like a glass plate. When the TV turns on, it seems as if images are being projected in a vacuum, Xiaomi claims.

The device could be made transparent because much of the hardware is placed in the cylindrical base instead of behind the screen. With the transparent OLED technology in the TV, each light can be switched on separately. The lights that are not in use can remain transparent. It is not clear how Xiaomi’s television determines which parts should be transparent and whether this happens in all cases.

Images on the television can be refreshed at 120 frames per second. The device costs 6,104 euros converted. Xiaomi makes the television suitable for large-scale production. The device will be released in China on August 16. It is not yet known whether the device will also be marketed outside Asia.


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