Xbox Series X vs PS5: Why You Should Go For That PS5!


With or without disc?

Sony unveiled its upcoming console during the PS5 Reveal Event. The nex-gen console will get not one, but two versions, where Microsoft unveiled only one version of the Xbox Series X. Sony will give you the choice at the end of this year whether you want to have boxes in the cupboard or if you want to do everything digitally .. This shows the first advantage of the PlayStation 5. The prices of both versions are different. If you choose the version with a disc tray, you have the advantage that you can play (4K) Blu-rays and DVDs on the console. This version will be the more expensive of the two and, according to a recent leak via the French webshop Carrefour, will cost 499 euros.

Of course, the All Digital version of the PS5 does not offer you the option to insert a Blu-ray. Games can only be played digitally in this edition by downloading them and movies and series can only be streamed via services such as Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video. Here is the price of this PS5 version. The Carrefour leak reports a price of $ 399 for this version of the console. It is therefore the ideal version of the next-gen console for people who want to do everything digitally or play games via a PlayStation Now subscription.


Interchangeable covers

Microsoft did it years ago with the Xbox 360: interchangeable faceplates for their console. It is the ideal way to make a console a personal one touch to give. This option was gone with the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X will not have interchangeable covers. The PlayStation 5 is rumored to get interchangeable covers.

According to a rumor on a Chinese forum, the white sides of the PS5 can be detached and exchanged for other colors or motifs. With this, Sony would give everyone the opportunity to give his or her console a ‘unique look’. Xbox Series X gamers will be bound by the color of the console itself unless they use skins. Whether this rumor is true we’ll have to wait and see, but it would definitely give the PS5 an advantage over the Xbox Series X.

PS5 (timed) exclusives

Sony focuses on innovation and exclusivity with the PS5, while Microsoft focuses mainly on cross-gen titles. This means that we can expect from Microsoft that a number of games that are coming in the coming six months can expect on both the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X. That is an advantage if you do not want to switch to the next-gen consoles right away, but also has a possible disadvantage.

If a title is specifically developed for the next-gen, the quality will also be there. This is not only true for the graphics side of a game that will be brought to 4K on next-gen console with ray tracing, 3D sound and many more new features that the Xbox Series X and PS5 will offer. What Sony is doing is already fully investing in games with its first-party games, so that soon the PS5 will let you enjoy the highest quality with all new games. Of course there are also PlayStation games that get upgrades to the PS5 that will not (fully) do this yet.

In addition to the innovation, Sony also tries to attract gamers to the platform by arranging (timed) exclusives from developers. For example, Sony seems to be in talks with Square Enix to bring Final Fantasy XVI to its platform alone, temporarily or otherwise. This could draw a huge crowd of Final Fantasy fans to buy a PS5.

Virtual beauty

Sony is currently already a reasonable step ahead of Microsoft in the field of VR. The Xbox One does not have its own VR headset, while the PlayStation 4 does. It currently seems that this trend will continue on the nex gene consoles. Microsoft has not yet reported anything about a possible VR option and no longer supports Kinect, the nearest alternative to the current console.

On the other hand, Sony has already indicated that both the VR headset, the Move controllers and the Motion controllers will be supported on the PS5. So you can take your current accessories with you to the new console. There are even rumors of a PSVR2. This gives the upcoming Sony platform a big step forward for people who really like to immerse themselves in games.

Design in controllerupgrades

The last reason to choose the PlayStation 5 is one that depends entirely on taste. The PS5 and the Xbox Series X are completely different consoles in appearance. This difference is even greater in this generation than in other generations. Microsoft has opted for a kind of tower that mainly consists of clean lines, where Sony has chosen to use mainly smooth lines in its next-gen console and to use the colors black and white in a contrasting design.

The same goes for the controller of the PlayStation 5 that brings a completely new design. Where the Xbox Series X controller mainly builds on the familiar design, which is fine, Sony dares to bring a change with the DualSense. The design fits well with the console and combines white with black, which smoothly indicate the different parts of the controller.

In addition, the PS5 controller promises a number of cool new features such as a built-in speaker and microphone and adaptive triggers. In addition, the controller has a stronger battery than the PS4 controller. Microsoft is a bit more cautious in this and sticks to AA batteries.


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