Wout van Aert, the day after: “I think I will reach my best level ever” | Strade Bianche


He says he has not had a good night, but that is of course a side issue for Wout van Aert (25) after his victory in the Strade Bianche. “If you experience such a day as yesterday, then you are happy that you have continued to believe in it”, the winner refers to his heavy fall from just over a year ago.

“I got up with a very pleasant feeling, although I didn’t really sleep well”, laughs Wout van Aert at Sporza the day after his triumph in Siena.

“I was still full of adrenaline after that late finish and with every photo you come across, you realize that you have won one of the best races of the year.”

Van Aert admits that he had more or less planned his decisive attack. “I wanted to go full out anyway and I wanted to start the steep part with more speed.”

“The descent in the run is quite straight, but the dust made it a bit terrifying. I took risks there and that was the right move.”

“That I drove the fastest last 10 kilometers of all editions? Yes, really? There have been some nice solos here. I can be proud of that.”

“This is the year in which you should not miss too many opportunities”

Yesterday all pieces of the puzzle fell together for Wout van Aert. Just like his entire team, Van Aert was spared from bad luck, but mainly reaps the benefits of a lot of training work.

“That I have a trained eye? Thanks,” chuckles Van Aert, “but that’s the intention, isn’t it?”

“I’ve been working really hard in recent months. During the crisis, I didn’t do anything extreme and gave myself mental peace.”

“From June 1 I turned the switch and two months turned out to be enough to get the top shape.”

“This is also the year in which you should not miss too many opportunities. I am very happy that I immediately caught a big fish.”

“The schedule was just right. I also got a lot of questions yesterday about my fall from a year ago. If you include that, you can say that I am back on track.”

“I think I can say that I may reach my best level ever. It is normal that you get even better as a 25 year old, but with that injury it was not so obvious.”

During the crisis, I did nothing extreme and gave myself mental peace. From June 1 I turned the switch and two months turned out to be enough to get the top shape.

Wout van Aert

“Got a video of myself in wheelchair yesterday: confrontational”

On August 1, 2019, Wout van Aert started his rehabilitation in a wheelchair, on August 1, 2020 he was shining in Siena.

“Yesterday I received a message from my wife Sarah with a video in which I was in a wheelchair in the garden. That was quite confronting.”

“It didn’t look rosy at the time, but if you’re going through a day like yesterday, you’re glad you kept believing in it.”

“I owe that to a lot of people around me. I certainly didn’t do it alone.”


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