World Health Organization is gearing up for ‘very long’ …


The World Health Organization (WHO) Emergency Committee expects the corona pandemic to last “very long”. Therefore, there is a need for sustainable strategies at regional, national and global level in the fight against covid-19.

The WHO created the emergency committee, consisting of approximately 30 experts from various countries, at the beginning of this year. Shortly afterwards, the advice was given to declare the coronavirus outbreak an ‘international emergency’.

Saturday came the call to guard against generalized fatigue in the fight against the virus. Therefore, finely tuned and pragmatic guidelines are needed to arrive at an appropriate response to the outbreak, the experts said. It is important to get the younger generation on board in the fight against covid-19, they believe.

WHO boss Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement to the emergency committee that the corona pandemic is a health crisis as we only experience one per century. The consequences will be felt for decades, it said.


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