Women’s football: The municipality will transfer NIS 570,000 to the girls of Netanya


According to the petition, which was filed by Adv. Uri Kahana and Adv. Chen Chopin, from the firm of Kabiri Nevo Kedar Blum, who specializes in gender sports law, the Netanya Municipality exceeded its obligation under law to distribute support funds according to equal criteria, and in practice the offense exceeded 3 NIS 1 million, which constitutes 95% of the municipality’s budget for the men’s team and only NIS 133,000, of the budget for the women’s team, which constitutes only about 5%, even though both teams play in the Premier League.

According to the petition, the municipality ignored for years the directive of the Ministry of Interior and overthrew the women’s group while setting an unequal criterion, which does not allow the women’s team to compete on the budget, claiming that until the establishment of the third women’s football league, 80% will be reduced.

According to the team, after the establishment of the third women’s football league, the municipality suddenly decided to raise the demand, stating that now four leagues are required for full budgeting and continued to reduce the women’s team budgets. In the ruling received today, the court (Judge Amir) ruled that the municipality’s decision should be overturned and the Netanya girls’ team should be given full support, in light of the existence of 3 professional leagues for women in football.

As a result of the ruling, the court ordered the Netanya municipality to transfer the full budget of NIS 568,000 to the Netanya girls, instead of transferring it to the municipal men’s group. According to an attorney Uri Kahana Asher represented the Netanya girls’ group: “The court clarified once again today that women are entitled to full equality in sports, including budgeting. This is an important ruling, following the recent Supreme Court ruling in the petition we filed on behalf of all the women’s soccer teams and another step towards true equality in sports. ”

The team’s manager, Rachel Shlina Israel, who recently won the ‘Honor Coach of the State’ award from President Reuven Rivlin, added: “I am glad that justice has been done, the court has clarified that there was discrimination in budgeting and I hope we will embark on a new and common path Netanya city hall. It is important to emphasize that this is still a small amount of money, in relation to the amounts transferred annually to the men’s group from the town, about NIS 3.5 million and in relation to the amounts that the state currently transfers to the men’s groups in the amount of NIS 100 million.

The chairwoman of the women’s ball division, Hila Knister Bar-David, also referred to the ruling and said: I am very happy to hear about the result and I welcome the important ruling. We are in the midst of a new breakthrough in the approach to women’s sports in Israel and I am sure that the change towards women will be felt through sports in other areas of society as well.


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