Wolff: “We don’t think we make many new friends”


1 augustus 2020 – Lewis Hamilton took his 91st pole position in Formula 1 today at Silverstone. The Englishman was no less than three tenths faster than teammate Valtteri Bottas with a 1.24.303. The rest of the field – Max Verstappen finished third – even finished more than a second behind. Team boss Toto Wolff thinks Mercedes has not made friends with the dominant performance.

Mercedes scored four out of four this season in qualifying and all three previous races have also been won so far. It appears that the Silver Arrows are only moving further away from the competition, which is not really in line with the words of Toto Wolff, the team boss who preaches caution and restraint time and time again. Even after today’s demonstration, Wolff does not want to blow too high off the tower. “Look if we had that attitude, we wouldn’t have won all those championships. We are continuously self-critical and that drives us forward.”

However, the Austrian could not ignore the fact that the qualification was particularly impressive today. “The performance was very good, I can’t help it. I am incredibly proud of all the work the team has done. But tomorrow is race day and I hope we can bring the momentum.”

And so there was another ‘but’ from Wolff’s mouth who seems to do everything to ensure that the team does not walk next to his shoes. “If you look at sports teams and their successes, you can see that things are getting less when teams take things for granted. At the moment we have a strong team, we all have the same goal and we want to stay together. That is of course no guarantee for the future and I don’t think we make many new friends with everything [wat we doen] are being questioned and that’s another fight we have to fight. But at least that’s better than everyone feeling sorry for you. ”

When asked where his own future lies and whether he is still thinking about leaving Mercedes and a switch to Racing Point / Aston Martin, Wolff said that ‘a marriage’ will be announced soon. “A marriage of Mercedes, myself, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, it will be a foursome. There is no reason to disappear.”

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