Wolff reveals new ‘marriage’ to Mercedes, Hamilton, Bottas and himself


Mercedes had an extremely successful qualifying at Silverstone in Great Britain and that is reason enough for team boss Toto Wolff to announce even more good news. The Austrian has somewhat revealed what the future of himself and that of his drivers looks like.

Mercedes is prospering this season. The German formation has already won everything that can be won in recent years, but will continue to do so happily this year. The first three Grands Prix of the 2020 season were won relatively easily and a fourth victory also seems to be in the works. Today Mercedes made an important step by finishing well above the rest in qualifying. Lewis Hamilton captured pole position and was over a second faster than number three Max Verstappen. Reason enough for a party and Wolff has even more good news in store.

In recent weeks there has been a lot of speculation about the future of some Mercedes team members. Both Valtteri Bottas, Hamilton and Wolff themselves have an expiring contract. It is not yet known what all three gentlemen will do in the near future. Wolff is mainly associated with a switch to Aston Martin F1, where he recently also bought shares. He would be close friends with team owner Lawrence Stroll and together they should make Aston Martin a success. At least in the short term – none of this seems true, because Wolff has news for us.

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After the qualifying at Silverstone, Wolff indicated that an official announcement will soon follow about the future of Bottas, Hamilton and himself. According to the team boss, a new “marriage” is being announced. “A marriage of Mercedes, myself, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, it will be a foursome. There is no reason to disappear”, Wolff already explained the content of ‘the marriage’. So no one will leave Mercedes after this season.


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