Wolff does not fear ‘party mode’ will disappear: ‘Then we will have more power in the race’


In the run-up to the Spanish Grand Prix, it has become clear that the illustrious ‘party mode’ for qualifying will disappear from Formula 1. The FIA ​​wants to try to reduce the speed advantage of Mercedes in order to narrow the differences. However, Toto Wolff has no problem with this.

This indicates the Mercedes team boss in front of the camera Ziggo Sport. “Party mode is a bit of a myth,” claims the Austrian. “Everyone thinks Mercedes has a unique stand for the engine that only works in qualifying, but we can also use it in the race,” explains Wolff.

‘If the aim of the rules is to have the bike the same in both qualifying and the race, then we agree. Bring it on! We like a challenge. If we have to reduce the engine for qualifying, we will have even more power in the race, ‘Wolff predicts.

Ferrari and Renault also happy with party mode disappearing

Renault’s Cyril Abiteboul also thinks it’s a good idea for the FIA. ‘We find it difficult to pass judgment on it. Renault, for example, has a qualifying mode, but is it better than Honda or Ferrari? It is probably less strong than Mercedes, but that is difficult to judge. But it is important that we trust the FIA ​​in the decision-making. Most importantly, each team’s bike complies with the rules. In any case, Renault supports the decision to change this. ‘

Ferrari’s Mattia Binotto understands that there is more and more to do with the power unit for F1 cars throughout the year. The reason the FIA ​​is introducing new engine guidelines shows how complicated the rules are at the moment. The FIA ​​is simply trying to clarify the rules further, to indicate what is and what is not allowed, ‘said the Italian.


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